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Slice Of Heaven - Production Suite

Slice Of Heaven - Production Suite

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"Lift Me Up" by Mr Freed. Created using the Slice Of Heaven Production Suite

"Create music that truly stands out with our “Slice Of Heaven” multi track production suite recorded at Lil’ Heaven studios in Arnhem NL using the best vintage analog gear and classic microphones in a state-of-the-art facility. Our team of skilled studio and touring musicians ( @sfeerbeer @onkl.drumhausen @ghstsnguitars @freddygumbs bring their knowledge and experience to every sample and song, ensuring a level of authenticity and quality that can't be matched. Upgrade your sound library with these top-notch, professional samples."

This pack includes -

5 unique folders.

3 Royalty Free folders - (Raw Recordings and one shots) - (Sp404 processed) (Tascam M-208 processed) (Akai S3000 processed)

2 licensing folders - (Multi Tracks and 3 original songs for licensing with multiply takes.)

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