We are excited to introduce "Good Vibes Only," the label launched by The Sample Universe, the first online royalty-free/song licensing platform to have a label and publishing company specifically built for releasing lofi / beats projects into the world.

If you have a song or project that you would like to release, you can reach out to us via email:

Good Vibes Only is a full service label with distribution services powered by Downtown Music Services AKA (Dash Go), pitch writing, art / graphics and promo assistance, ensuring your music has the best chances at securing editorial playlists and potential to reach a wider audience. We also have publishing admin services through our partner Synesthesia Media Group and Sentric music.

To check the vibes we have released, have a listen to our label playlist. If you feel that your music fits with our vision and you've got the 🔥, send an email to ( We look forward to listening to your tracks and exploring the possibility of working together!

And if you would just like to support the label hit the label Ko-Fi were you can directly support artists buy purchasing downloads or making donations.