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Create a Custom Sampling Vinyl

Create a Custom Sampling Vinyl

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Create Your own Custom record for sampling that only you will own.

Step 1. Add custom sampling vinyl to your checkout cart.

Step 2. Pick your songs and add to your checkout cart.

Step 3. Pay for your songs and record.

Step 4. Wait for phonocats to work their magic. (Usually 2-4 weeks turnaround)

Max record length per side is 20mins

All records are thick 180g black vinyl, inner sleeve and outer sleeve included with printed label with song titles. Cut perfect in stereo.

All records come with digital downloads so you can still be cooking up with your tracks while you wait for your vinyl to arrive.

The royalty free and Full Song license extends only to the original owner / purchaser of the tracks contained in the record. If the record is resold the original royalty free / Full Song license becomes null and void.

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