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Myrthe Van De Weetering - Ghazal CD

Myrthe Van De Weetering - Ghazal CD

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Welcome to the world of Ghazal, a fusion of poetry and music. As a lover of both poetry and music, I have often found myself disappointed by the way in which one or the other is prioritized in traditional songwriting. But what if we could bring these two art forms together in a way that allowed them to exist autonomously, each enhancing the other without overshadowing it?

This is the experiment I embarked on with Ghazal, and the result is an album of musical poems that I hope will leave you haunted and inspired.

The process of creating this album was a journey of discovery for me. I delved into the works of poets from a wide range of backgrounds and periods, immersing myself in the beauty and depth of their words. I was particularly struck by the form of the Ghazal, a type of Persian poem characterized by its repetition and internal rhyme and its use as a vehicle for dealing with loss and romantic interest. As I listened to this poem, I found myself moved to dance in my sleep, and I knew I had to bring this poem to life through music. This was the sounding off the starting gun for the project.

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