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Mondo Loops x Syf of Talking Knots - Most Days

Mondo Loops x Syf of Talking Knots - Most Days

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Mondo Loops is, at his foundation, a guitar player from the North West of England who loves making beats. His “Signature” sound is an expansive array of warm ambient guitar riffs and melodies that are intricately layered with textures and saturated to bring even more depth to his music. Enough depth that its inevitable each listen will reveal something new.
There’s an incredible amount of influences flying around the North of England and there is no shortage of inspiration. Mondo Loops found his niche through Golden Era Hip Hop, Jazz and Neo Soul. Eventually honing his taste and musical direction down to the Lofi side of these genres and further pursuing Lofi Hip Hop & Lofi Beats. He brings with him a vast knowledge of many genres and musical styles as he implements all of these aspects into his Mellow Grooves.
In his pursuit of Lofi Hip Hop, Beats & Mellow Grooves, Mondo Loops has found great success and built a huge following. Currently with over 35 thousand followers and over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, combined with his instagram following of over 6 thousand, it’s no stretch to say Mondo Loops is here to stay and is going from strength to strength

Hailing from London, Syf has been surrounded by a rich and vast amount of musical styles. Finding his voice within the music scene as a Rapper / Vocalist, Syf guides listeners on a vivid journey through potent poetic imagery and strives to give any listener an experience they can take something away from, no matter how big or small. Syf has gained notability as half of the Alternative Hip Hop band “Talking Knots” and various collaborations and features with multiple artists within the lofi hip hop / beats scene, such as; Deeb, Handbook & Mondo Loops to name a few.

Delving deeper into the Lofi and mellow beats side of Hip Hop has honed Syf’s lyrical prowess and intricacies of rhythm as his form takes an almost spoken word approach and intertwines effortlessly across any soundscape. Syf is always evolving and growing with each project and looking forward there is an endless amount of possibilities.


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