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Lofi Alumni - Field Recordings & Foley

Lofi Alumni - Field Recordings & Foley

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"Introducing Granola Bars from the Lofi Alumni Lunch Box Production Suite - the ultimate Lofi beats/Boom Bap creation kit to take your music to the next level.

Granola Bars offers a collection of 15 authentic field recordings from the Ohio area and 86 Foley recordings designed to add ambience to your Lofi and Boom Bap songs and beats. These royalty-free recordings are versatile and ready to inspire your next editorial placement.

But that's not all, when you bundle Granola Bars with the other elements of the production suite to create the Lofi Alumni Lunch Box you'll receive an exclusive e-book PDF detailing how to get on instrumental playlists and pitching music to Spotify. Additionally, access to a bi - annually updated Google spreadsheet that includes contact information for many established playlist curators and Lofi record labels. This bundle is an unbeatable offer, providing everything you need to create standout tracks and elevate your career.


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