Noflik x Showyou - Arboretum beat challenge

Noflik x Showyou - Arboretum beat challenge

Hey all, greetings and salutations! After the last challenge with Mondoloops and Syf of talking Knots I said to myself, let’s take 2 months off and go out of 2022 with a bang! But then the ding of an email notification from Bruno over at Aviary and a link to a really incredible album by Noflik x Showyou and as Micheal Corleone said “ Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in again!”  

And guess what, I’m super happy to be involved as I feel great about this challenge and the little twist it has on the usual formula, so here it goes…

What makes the Noflik x Showyou - Arboretum beat challenge different from any other challenge? I’ll tell you, you never get to hear what Noflik x Showyou created! That’s right you don’t get to hear their song and the challenge ends the day before the song is released! I’m not playing games with you, seriously…

Well how does it work you ask, very easily! If your not on our email list, sign up using the google form on the home page and download the song starter pack then start cooking! 😁 Then try and imagine what they might have created? If you need some inspiration listen to the spotify link below to see what they have already released, now isn’t that fun? I think so and I hope you do also 🙏 So go to the email signup on the home page and get the download link!






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