Mondoloops x Syf of Talking Knots - Most Days Challenge

Hey all, how are you? Well we have been blessed with another amazing opportunity to host the Mondoloops x Syf of Talking Knots Most Days Challenge in support of there new release Yesterdays Gone on Aviary Bridge Records. This is an extra exciting challenge for us because it is our 1st challenge with a rapper / spoken word artist.

Most days is a moody but uplifting song in which Syf raps about (Most days I look both ways, today I'm on my way) being a metaphor for not being cautious. "As he said on a instagram live, we usually look both ways when we cross the street but in the song he is just going about his days without exercising any caution!"

With beautiful pianos and ambient textures, bumping live bass and a sidestick and heartbeat kick drum groove alongside the signature guitar playing of Mondoloops this song and production is a standout in the lofi meets rap genre!

With over 70 downloads of the song stems and the likes of Don Kody Got Slaps, Hannah Moorah, Tendasenda, Mr. Fredd, cvsket_pretty,, Maliwa_Lofi, _jraven, m.yesekaon, permutaremusic, forestdotio, matin.pz_, and possibly many many other buy the end of the challenge this is gonna be as hard to judge as the GXNXSIS Soul Waves Challenge.

Most Days has also been received very well in the streaming ecosystem by getting an editorial placement on the Spotify - Orbits playlist.