GXNXSIS - Soul Waves Challenge

GXNXSIS - Soul Waves Challenge

Hey all, well here we are again! What else can I say but it's been incredible having the opportunity with our 2nd sample challenge to work with a rising star in the lofi community GXNXSIS! And it was a pleasure!

Working with artists is hard to predict, seriously! So to my surprise working with Ethan aka GXNXSIS was a complete pleasure! E was so chill and open to ideas that I knew we were going to have an epic challenge and that is exactly what happened! I'm gonna break down a few defining moments! FL STUDIO! you heard it right, I reached out to FL and they were so cool, their rep Josh was beyond helpful! Every idea was meet with a yes or this is possible, there were no no! And that is very unusual! So with FL on board and willing to help promote and re post we were all amped to get this challenge launched.

On day 1 of the Soul Waves challenge we had over 50 downloads! I was so psyched to tell Ethan and Scott (Catch 92) from Aviary Bridge Records the good news! Within 24 hours of launching we started to see some submissions getting posted on Instagram under the #soulwaveschallenge hashtag and they were soooooo gooooddddd! I also knew at that moment that we were going to have a problem judging this contest and 1 song being released was not going to be enough, but I considered this a good problem to have! By the time the challenge ended we had 247 submissions and a real dilemma on our hands...

Linked here are a few submissions -

Berezy -

Tendasenda -

Bokottohmusic -

Now if you just listened to these 3 submissions you know the quality of tracks sent in was off the charts! After about 1 week and the 1 st 2 lives but GXNXSIS myself and Scott knew we had a major problem on our hands! So we put our heads together and decide to release a 12 song album, which wound up being 15 tracks in the end on Aviary's sub label which is Scott's baby Viba! Big shout out to Catch 92 for not being afraid to release an album of flips, much respect...

In the end our top 3 picks were -

1. @Hannamoorah

2. @infbeats & @jahrainastomps

3. @ripteyed

Each artist was laced up with a nice amount of goodies from our sponsors @flstudio , @beatmakersboutique , @musesessions.co and @phonocats . As of writing this today about 5 or 6 release have made it into the world and the rest will be coming out over the next 2 months! Once all the tracks have been released I will link a playlist into this blog!

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