Hey all in The Sample Universe, I have been keeping hush about this for weeks but the day has finally come! The Sample U will be teaming up with low_hiss to provide A&R and royalty free packs and pre cleared songs for sampling to the incredible chop it sampling kitchen!

Head over to to check it out. Start your free 1 week trial today!

To see Chop it in action click here

This new web-app allows you to:
- Chop samples directly from YouTube or local files
- Isolate or remove drums, vocals, bass or instruments from any song, directly from YouTube or local files
- Pitch your samples using the best SP-1200 emulation as featured in #eSPi
- Download your chops as wav or mp3 to import in your favorite beatmaking software or hardware

Create scratch records with vocal chops you couldn't use before, make karaoke or music minus one versions of your favorite tracks, learn to play the bass line or drum section of any song, cleanup your audio recordings from background noises... The possibilities are endless, unleash your creativity and start cooking!

This is just a beginning, we've got many exciting features and partnerships coming up!

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